Daily Archives: September 7, 2014



For unexplained reasons my blog has not been sending emails to those of you who are on the list.  Hopefully it is now working and if you get this there are a couple of posts you may have missed, including last week’s 8k race report.

For now, just a quick update for yet another smaller, local race.  Today we did the boys’ favourite race, Run for the Animals, a fundraiser for the Ottawa Humane Society.  More details later, but here are the stats.

The boys forgot their watches today and the race used a timing company that I have never heard of; at the moment I can’t seem to find where they post their results online.  But from the kids’ memories – Evan, 5k, 25:36 and Luke, 5k, 29:05.  Two more great times for the kids.  Unfortunately no age category awards, despite the fact the website said there would be.  Evan was 12th overall and Luke was 29th out of just over a hundred runners.

As for me, another PB!  10.2 km in 53:05!!!!  So close to a 52 minute time.  My average pace was 5:12.  I squeaked into the top 10 women as the 9th female to cross the finish line.  Somehow this summer, despite a very casual and relaxed season of running, I seemed to have become faster.  I am not sure how or why, particularly given the fact that most of my weekly runs have been rather slow.  I wonder what would happen if I actually did some speed work?

And today’s other participant, well spectator really, had a great day too.