Daily Archives: August 30, 2014

Family P.B’s!!!

Just finished a local, small race, “The Canadian” and the boys and I nailed our races:

Luke 3k, 14:57, 4:59 pace, 12th place overall and 3rd in his age group…his first ever lanyard!

Evan 3k, 13:58, 4:40 pace (clearly way too fast to run with me anymore!) 5th overall and 1st in his age group!

Me, hmmmm not sure how to record this one since the 8k course was measured incorrectly and was actually 8.6 km! My rant about that will come in the next post. ┬áBased on my average pace of 5:10 I must have hit 8k around 41.20. ┬áMy goal was to get a time that started with 43, so I’m thrilled with the time. Of course that time is unofficial due to the extra 600 metres tacked on. Not so thrilled with the incorrect distance.

Full race report to come.