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Blog for a Lazy Runner

In 3 years I have run two marathons, one 30k race, nine half marathons and a handful of other distances.  On paper it seems somewhat impressive… well, at least to me.  You might even think I am one of those people who are always on the move and can’t sit down for any amount of time.

Here’s the thing though… I excel at laziness.  I can do nothing with the best of them.  I can easily sleep 10 or more hours a night (I’ve been doing it all summer) and still find the idea of an afternoon nap appealing.  I can start a summer day with the best of intentions only to realize it is late afternoon and I am not sure what I have done.  More specifically I can spend a day thinking about running only to realize that I have left it too late to actually do the run I spent so much time thinking about.

For the first part of this weekend I truly put this skill to use.  For the first time since my husband and father built our wonderful little cabin* by a lake, I went up on my own for a night and morning of peace and quiet before the rest of the family came up.

Autumn made an early visit this past weekend.  When I arrived the air was cool and the rain had started.  This continued through to the next day resulting in nothing other than the pair of loons being out on the cold, grey lake.  There was what I believe could be called a deafening silence.  It was, quite simply, wonderful.  Between Friday evening and Saturday lunch, this was what I did:


Of course I did stop doing the above in order to get my 10 hours of sleep in!

I had no urge to do anything.  In fact, it took me about 45 minutes just to make myself get off the couch and pour a bowl of cereal on Saturday morning.  The fall of Rice Chex into a bowl has never sounded so loud!

The extreme silence would come to an end with the arrival of my husband and boys.  But even then it was just one of those days to lay low and read.  My kids will note that I did claim that particular spot on the couch, the most comfortable in the cabin, as my own

Sunday came and I knew this lazy body would have to do something to prepare for the Army Run that takes place in – oh hell, I’m not even going to count the days since it might just send me into a panic.  Finally that morning I managed to head out the door.  O.K, it may have been more like noon.  Thankfully the boys were willing to do a little run with me, which helped get me going.  Together we did a 3k out and back.  I knew, however, that 3k for me was just not going to be enough.  So after dropping them off at the cabin and tearing myself away from this view…


…I set out again.  Not much to say about this run other than I ran 13 km, pretty much all of it hills, not much of it enjoyable.  I exaggerate, there was a one km stretch of flat road and since it was an out and back I got to do it twice!  There are no flat options in the area unless I go for a drive to the nearest town.  I admit that at the base of two hills – one being the steepest and the other being at least a km long – I turned off my watch and simply walked up them.  On a fun note, I did discover that those portable, digital signs that tell how fast your car is going will also tell you how fast your are running.  I know because on that flat stretch I tested it.  Twice.  Who needs a Garmin?

Today should have been a rest day but Evan was excited to take me on a 2.5k run he had done on his own the previous night.  He assured me it was a really fun route because of the awesome hills.  Great 🙁  Before fitting in the run though the boys and I went kayaking, with my husband and our dog joining us in the canoe.  I estimate we traveled about 3km, the longest the boys had ever kayaked on their own (meaning at no time did I grab one of their ropes and pull them behind me).  No speed records were set, there was lots of floating and enjoying the scenery, but still a sense of accomplishment.  At the end of the trip I suggested to the boys that we should do a run right away, telling them we would complete a kayak/running duathlon.  They loved this idea so off we went.  Luke and Mike did a 1k run and Evan and I did that 2.5k hilly route.  Here he is climbing a hill, leaving me far behind:


Evan took it one step further and did a quick swim in the lake, so we decided he completed a triathlon.


Two "duathletes", one "triathlete".

Two “duathletes”, one “triathlete”.

So the lazy weekend ended with some physical activity being accomplished.  But the fact is, I loved my time on that couch and enjoying that view.  I know for a fact that when I am up there next, it will once again be very difficult to abandon my laziness and fit in a run.

*We refer to our place as a cabin rather than a cottage.  The fact is what we have is what years ago  would have been a typical cottage.  However, these days the definition of cottage seems to be the following: a second home of similar or greater value and of similar or greater size than one’s first home and includes all modern amenities and design.  Therefore we have decided to use the more rustic term of cabin 🙂

Our cabin does NOT have any of the following:

– stainless steel appliances (we have a large cooler)
– indoor bathroom (we have an outhouse with a great view)
– separate rooms (we have one common space and two open lofts)
– laundry (it all comes home)
– indoor shower (we have an outdoor shower tent, which like the outhouse has a great view)
– square footage that is greater than that of our home
But.. I can tell you it is the best cabin/cottage ever and I wouldn’t change a thing!