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Finally Brave Enough…



…to run in a running bra without a shirt 🙂



ok.  I might be sucking in a little

ok. I might be sucking in a little


I have just never felt quite right about running without a tech shirt on for a few reasons:

1. I am 45 years old and I have had two kids.

2. I have not even been in a bikini since my age was a single digit.

3. Because of number 2, there is probably not a sunscreen strong enough to keep this white tummy from burning to a crisp.

4.  I often run in the same area in which I teach.  There are some things my students (and their parents) just don’t need to see.

But last week in a slightly secluded stretch the tech shirt came off.  After a couple of minutes of feeling self conscious, it started to feel liberating.  And within about 15 minutes I loved it.

The heat and humidity in Ottawa can be nothing short of stifling.  On today’s late afternoon 10k run (30 degrees with the humidex), the tech shirt came off again.  This time I didn’t care that I was running along a busy route.  I was working my butt off, who cared what I looked like???  Personally, I don’t think I would do it with a high sun on a cloudless day.  The sun beating directly on me just makes me hotter.  But with a late day sun, clouds and/or a great breeze, I am a convert.

After the run – with the shirt on I should add – I headed into the pharmacy to grab my much needed chocolate milk.  I always have an inner laugh when I head into this store.  You have to enter in the “beauty” section.  I walk in in my sweat soaked running gear, ball cap jammed down over my eyes and soaking wet hair sticking out at all angles.  I must look like too much of a project because no one ever approaches me to see if they can help me find a product.  Today though I was greeted by a large sign that said “You are invited to feel beautiful…can we pencil you in?”  I grinned and thought, “Too late, already feeling beautiful.”  A sweaty, heart pumping, 10k run (in a bra without a shirt no less) beats a bunch of beauty products any day 🙂

Oh – and on my shopping list…a fun, bright running bra!