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Manotick Miler Tomorrow

Manotick Miler

It is race time again!  This time it is a new distance for me for a race; a 10 miler, or 16k.  Last year this event was called the Manotick Road Race and the distance was 18k.  You can read my race report here or go to the Manotick Miler website  at http://manotickmiler.com/ and you can see it posted there,

This was a race I really enjoyed last year, despite my struggles with the run.  I am looking forward to returning tomorrow and enjoying the small town vibe and the excitement of a growing race.  One of last year’s big challenges was the heat but that won’t be an issue this year, for which I am grateful.  There will still be the challenge of a somewhat hilly course though, as can be seen by the elevation map below:

I have no pace plan for tomorrow.  Back when I signed up (and by the way, when you sign up early for this race it is half price) I was planning on doing the half marathon at ORW at the end of May.  I figured that this 16k run would be a perfect chance to test my half marathon race pace.  Now that I have switched to a full marathon bib, I am wavering between keeping tomorrow’s pace a little slow or going all out.  Technically I should be running more than 16km tomorrow if I am following the marathon training schedule.  Mind you, I have thrown that schedule out the window so many times and in so many ways that I am not sure changing it up once more would do any harm.  Despite all of the changes I have made I have managed to put in all the major long runs so far.  In fact, I know that I am a stronger runner right now than compared to the month before my first marathon last fall.  So I am going to go by feel tomorrow.  If speed feels good I’ll go for it.  If slow and steady seems the right choice I will add distance either after the race or later during the day.  We will just call this a flexible pace plan with the knowledge that no matter what, I will get some hill work done 🙂