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A Christmas Story/Family Half Marathon/Resolution Run Recap

While the title above may imply three different runs, it is in fact only one and it was completed by my family yesterday. A couple of weeks ago I posted that one of the writers over at Salty Running took pity on my medal envy and offered to send me her medal from Cleveland’s “A Christmas Story” race. I love this movie so couldn’t help wanting to get this “major award” to hang on our tree. The deal offered by Pepper was if I made a donation to a charity of my choice, ran 10k and posted about the run on Salty Running, I would receive this awesome medal:

A Christmas Story Race Medal

As I posted earlier, the kids and I completed the first part of the deal before Christmas when we went shopping to donate toys to Toy Mountain. Yesterday it was time for part two of the deal, running 10k. When I first started planning this run I asked the kids if they wanted to be part of it so the medal would become a family prize. They enthusiastically agreed and then kindly volunteered my husband to take part as well. Safe to say he did not have quite the same enthusiasm as the rest of us did but without complaining (much) he joined us. He did however note that maybe his resolution could be to NOT run in 2014. Not much chance of that though in this house of runners!

At 3:00 yesterday afternoon I told everyone to start getting ready for a 3:30 run. Evan quickly argued that it doesn’t take half an hour to get dressed for a run. He was right…an HOUR later we managed to head out the door. I’m heading into my third winter of running. I have all the needed layers to stay warm while still being able to actually move. Trying to get the kids ready for a run in -16C (3F) proved to be a bit more interesting. The challenge was to find enough layers to keep them warm without making them look like Ralphie’s little brother in A Christmas Story (picture a kid so bundled up he can’t make his arms go down). I did make a mental note to plan any future family fun runs in warm weather – shirts, shorts, shoes and out the door!

Finally ready!

Finally ready!

The run itself was great. Even one of our dogs joined in the fun. It didn’t take long to warm up and despite the cold temperature it was a beautiful winter’s day. Luke and my husband each completed 3k, Evan completed 5.1k and I, for the first time since November, made it into double digits by completing 10k. And when you add these distances up, that’s right, you get a family half marathon. I believe a new family tradition has begun!


For anyone who would also like their own A Christmas Story medal, next year’s race in Cleveland will be on December 6th. But if you don’t want to travel, you can take part in their virtual race. Just register and run the distance and you will receive your medal in the mail. And I’ve already checked with the organizers – Canadian virtual runners are welcome 🙂