Daily Archives: December 17, 2013

I Want This Medal!!!

I always like a nice race medal but I have never decided to do a race specifically for the bling.  I admit I have never really understood the fuss about Disney medals and how, shall we say obsessed, some runners are with getting them (obsession in this sport, never!).  But I get it now, though the medal I would love to lay my hands on has nothing to do with Disney.

Apparently a few weeks ago Cleveland celebrated the 30th anniversary of the movie “A Christmas Story” by running a 5 and 10k race.  And get this, there was a Leg Lamp Fun Run for the kids 🙂  Runners were also able to visit Ralphie’s house in all of its original glory.  I have to admit I always assumed that house was in Toronto, or somewhere in Ontario since much of the movie was filmed in this province. But it is, in fact located in Cleveland and is now a museum filled with memories of the movie.

But here is the best part of the race…check out the medal:

A Christmas Story Race Medal

This is a medal I could get obsessed about!  Hands down, the best medal I have seen 🙂  If I had this “major award” it would get a prime spot in my living room, just like the old man’s leg lamp!