Daily Archives: December 16, 2013

No More Whining

So after yesterday’s whiny post I figured it was time to get my butt in gear and run – any distance, any time – today.  There was the minor factor of a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius ( -0.4F), -28C ( -18F) with the windchill.  But I decided I was not going to let that stop me…though I would let it keep my run short!  I headed out in more layers than any person should ever have to run in with a plan of doing 1k.  Instead I stuck it out for 4k, even having to unzip and remove some layers.  The roads were slippery, the air bitterly cold but I ran with one main purpose, to prove to myself I am not entirely prepared to hibernate until the New Year.  It wasn’t a fast run (24 minutes) but it did feel good to get myself out there, and when else can you feel proud that people are probably looking at you like you are an idiot.  I felt like the poster child for Canadian fortitude.

Of course then I passed the high school school bus making a stop to drop off students.  Not one teenager got off that bus with a hat on – except the kid with the ball cap, though he hadn’t bothered with a coat.  Most of the kids hadn’t bothered with mitts either.  So my fortitude is not quite on level with the average Ottawa teenager but since I long ago gave up on any kind of cool factor (don’t tell my kids, they are still young enough to think I am cool) I guess it doesn’t matter!