Daily Archives: December 15, 2013

This Is NOT a Santa Shuffle Post

As I peruse various blogs I find post after post about Santa Shuffles, Holiday Streaks, treadmill tips and cold weather running advice.  I have even read about an “Ugly Holiday Sweater Run”.

And then there is me.  Am I the only one with absolutely no motivation?  Am I the only one who has traded in running shoes for a couch and who is finding the idea of hibernating in flannel a very attractive idea?  I’ve tried to be a runner these past few weeks, really I have.  Each week I try to get out and do at least 2 runs…o.k. maybe one run.  I just seem to be struggling to get out there and once I am out there I am struggling to complete a half decent run.  And for a half decent run I would be happy accepting a pace faster than my marathon pace, OR a distance that moves me into double digits, OR just a run that was fun.  I am not being picky, I swear!  I could blame the weather, the pre-Christmas rush, work, a stiff knee, but the fact is these are nothing more than excuses.  If the weather was perfect, the gifts all bought and the Christmas baking done and in the freezer, I still would be struggling.  The most running I have done in one week for the past month was 13k.  And it took me four runs to make it to that total.  All of my distances have been in the single digits and let’s just say the numbers 8 or 9 have not come up at all.  Sure, I could do some cross training, give myself a new challenge for a while.  But I don’t even feel like doing that.  I know, I know, I can tell myself that this is my body and mind saying they need a break.  Rest is a good thing, right?  Last year I took most of December off, by January I was back at it ready to go.  So why is this stressing me out?  Why do I no longer feel like a runner? I feel like a bit of a fraud when I read all of those happy blog posts from runners who actually, well, RUN!  I’m sure part of it is because I told myself I would be sure to maintain a certain level of running fitness through December.  I promised myself I would be ready to jump right into Around the Bay training on the 15th.  The 15th of course would be today.  I feel a little like I have given up and while I hate feeling like that I don’t seem to hate it enough to change anything about it.  So what do I want for Christmas?  How about a little motivation stuffed onto my stocking…