Daily Archives: November 2, 2013

A Different Kind of Race Weekend

p_raceemblemWhile much of the running world has its eye on the NYC Marathon this weekend, here at our house all talk is about another exciting, albeit small, race day. Some time ago Evan, who is 10, decided he wanted to organize his own race. So tomorrow afternoon he and a group of his friends (and some parents too) will be taking part in a 1k Halloween Fun Run. With a little help from mum and dad he has put together what I hope will be a fun and successful race day. He mapped out a 1k cross country route on our property and has used orange tape and cones to make sure everyone stays on course. He designed a race emblem and two lucky entrants will win race t-shirts. Right now he is at the dollar store choosing a few more prizes for the draw. The event is untimed so instead of timing chips runners will receive a glow stick to wear. Evan put entry fees at $1 and chose the Ottawa Humane Society as the group to receive all money raised. The race will finish with the traditional bananas but as an autumn bonus there will be marshmallows to roast at a campfire and cups of hot chocolate for everyone. It may not be New York, but it should be a good time for all!