Daily Archives: October 16, 2013

Last Week and Losing My Mind

I have decided that the world really needs to just stop until I get to the start line on Sunday. How exactly do you just live your daily life when you are a couple of days away from your first marathon? I have no concentration, zero patience and my stomach has a permanent case of the butterflies. I am drinking so much water I can’t stray too far from a bathroom. I am working hard at eating well but I broke down today and ate chocolate because, well I NEEDED it. I spent the whole day with six year olds. Newsflash – grade one kids couldn’t care less about the fact you are only days away from your biggest life challenge (maybe I should actually rank it second after childbirth, but at the moment it feels bigger). So despite my edginess and nerves, those little ones just kept asking their questions, usually over top another person who was telling me a story and who was talking over another kid who was asking to go to the bathroom, who was drowning out the kid who was tattle telling. Shouldn’t there be some rule that says just stay away from a person running her first marathon??? And then there are my own kids…I think they might actually be relieved when I disappear for the weekend. I’ll be tired when I get back, but here’s hoping I won’t be quite as crazy.

This marathon needs to hurry up and come!