Daily Archives: October 14, 2013

Marathon Training Memories

It is now marathon week. This is it. Months of training, emotional ups and downs, injuries and exhaustion. On Sunday it all comes to an end. I think I am still trying to process this. As a result I am not quite ready to write about my plans for the big day. So instead of looking forward, I have decided to spend a couple of days looking back. My next couple of posts will be about training memories – good or bad. They will be in no particular order, just moments that come to mind when I think of the last four months.

Memories #1 and #2: The High Moment and the Low

My first real moment when I thought I might honestly be able to do this was the day I ran 11k and then followed it up with the Army Run Half Marathon. The run had many moments of feeling effortless and I was able to maintain such a steady pace. Completing more than 30km was a huge feeling of accomplishment, particularly when I crossed the finish line feeling great. I think that day will be remembered for a long time.

The lowest moment was definitely when I hurt my hip and I.T. band while trying to accomplish a 30k run. Having to give up at 25k and limp my way back to the car for 5km was completely demoralizing. Having no idea how much training time I would lose while trying to heal did not help my mood. That was definitely the closest I came to quitting. I am sure it would be nice to bury this memory but it is worth remembering. I did get back to training and I did have successful long runs. I may have had to readjust my goals but I didn’t quit. If I ever do this again, I will need to recall this low point to remember what I can accomplish.