Daily Archives: October 13, 2013

A Thanksgiving Tradition – The Fall Colours Race

A quick check of Sportstats has shown that Evan, Lukas and I have taken part in an event at Somersault’s Fall Colours Race since 2009. Luke was 4, Evan 6, and I was, well, never mind. And my husband has made the trek out each time as our chauffeur and supporter. The Fall Colours Race has truly become our Thanksgiving tradition.

Today was no different. I signed up for the 10k to use as a training run for next week’s marathon and both boys entered the 3k race. Once again the weather was stunning. I think every year we have done this race we have had beautiful weather and as the race name suggests, wonderful fall colours. This is a rural race east of Ottawa, a nice change from city races. It provides challenging courses – I could have used this race for my first marathon but given all the hills I was too wimpy to even consider it. Even the 10k has some good uphill challenges – my Garmin recorded a couple of slopes at a 10% grade. This race also has a hugely popular kids’ 1k race that is just adorable to watch. It is held on a loop on the Cumberland Heritage Museum grounds, giving a safe and well cheered race for the kiddies. I will always remember Luke running it at four years old and telling every stranger he saw how he ran the whole thing non-stop. The kids are the stars of the show on this day.

My kids are moving on from the 1k runs, though both still qualify in terms of age. They are definitely ready for running challenges so today they set out to see how fast they could do the 3k. I had to wait until I was done my race to find out the results but it was worth the wait! Yes…here comes mommy bragging time. Out of 91 participants Evan was 7th overall, 2nd of all males and 2nd in the males under 13 category, receiving 2 lanyards and a prize. Luke finished in 29th place, 10th in the males category and 9th in the males under 13. While I know he would desperately like to have a top three placing we reminded him that he has another FIVE years to compete in that age category, so there is no rush!!

Their race made my day so my run seems a little irrelevant. It was nice to pick up my pace again since my body seems stuck at my marathon pace. Since I was not aiming for any specific time I let myself go faster than I would normally at the beginning just for fun, then pulled back for the middle and finally picked up the pace a bit towards the end. A final time of 57:33 was certainly not my fastest but definitely faster than I have been running lately. My theory was if I ran fairly quickly and had to do hills, next week’s marathon on a flat course should seem easy, right? Yeah, I know, nice theory.

We have all now earned our turkey and stuffing that will be served tonight (thankfully not by me but by my mum!). HAPPY THANKSGIVING!