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If You Want to Feel Old…

…run hills with your 10 year old!

Evan hill training

Evan hill training

I am actually saying that with a great deal of pride. My son Evan is preparing for the 5k Army Run. The past two weeks I have brought him along for my hill training. Hills are the perfect time to have your child join you because you can each run your own pace but not “lose” each other. This week I thought we would go to the toboggan hill in Kanata. Having never done it before I wasn’t sure how steep it would be (maybe the fact that it is used as a toboggan run – and apparently a fast one – should have given it away). I figured though it was the perfect place for the two of us to run. If Evan grew tired there would be plenty of space for him to relax and hang out while I finished up my run.

We did a relaxed 2k warm up and then started up the hill, or should I say mini mountain? It is not long, less than 250 metres I think, but I felt more like I was climbing rather than running. Ten times up and down was good enough for me. Apparently not for Evan. He continued to run the hill, completing 16 trips in all. I ended up being the one hanging out and relaxing while waiting for him!

The best part was the half hour after the run when he had such an adrenaline rush and such a sense of pride that he would periodically just giggle out loud. At one point he said to me that he didn’t know how to describe the feeling he was experiencing but it was like all the good words he knows mixed all together. Couldn’t have summed up that kind of feeling better myself.

So, what is better than experiencing a high from running? Seeing your child experience a runner’s high. Priceless.