Daily Archives: August 15, 2013

Love This Idea!

I received my regular email update from the Toronto Waterfront Marathon today. Included was information about the STWM Dream Team. At first I made the assumption that this was a running team raising funds for a specific cause. But I discovered it is in fact a group of volunteers who will be there to support runners and walkers in the final 10km of the run. Specifically they will be there to help anyone struggling and who may be feeling as if they can’t complete the race. How brilliant is that? I am so nervous about those final 10 km, but the thought that some complete stranger will take the time to be there for me and encourage, cajole, laugh, chat or just simply supply a “You can do this” makes me feel just a little more confident that I can complete 42.2k. Yet another example of the supportive people who make up the running community!

For more information about the Dream Team check out
STMW Dream Team