Daily Archives: July 19, 2013

Weather Woes

So, I trained through an entire Ottawa winter and rarely had to miss a run due to weather. I did all my training outdoors and never even considered going somewhere to use a treadmill. I figured out how to layer for -25 degrees and I knew which streets had the least amount of wind. I also knew which roads were well cleared of snow so I could have reasonably good traction. I actually enjoyed my winter training.

Now it is summer and the weather keeps interfering with my runs. While Ottawa ranks as one of the world’s coldest national capitals, it can also have some pretty remarkable heat waves. I haven’t run for two days due to heat and storm warnings. Right now it is 34 degrees Celsius and our storm watch has turned into a tornado watch. I have realized that a major disadvantage of running in the evenings is that that is when the storms roll through. If I was a morning runner it would be hot but at least I wouldn’t have to be watching for lightning strikes. Right now there is the distinct possibility that I will be very short on my total km’s this week. Between today and tomorrow I have a 16k run and a 10k run to do. The 16k run is already two days behind schedule. I keep telling myself at least we are early in the training schedule, thankfully it is only week 5 for marathon training. But still, it is getting hard to stay motivated in this weather and of course that is when all the negative thinking kicks in – all of which can be summed up with the question of, “Why exactly did I sign up for a marathon???” I know the motivation will come back, but that doesn’t make these low points in training any easier 🙁