Daily Archives: July 15, 2013

Night Running

It is hot here in Ottawa. Really, really hot. This is not running weather, I don’t care how much of a heat person you are. This is a problem when you have a training schedule to follow. So it leaves very early morning runs or late evening runs. For me, an early morning run would mean around 5:00 or earlier so I could be back before my husband goes to work. This is not going to happen. Ever. I may love running, but I love sleeping more. So that leaves me with evening runs.

Tonight my plan was to head out once the temperature dropped below 30 degrees Celsius. That did not happen until after 8:30 and even then it only went down to 28. At that time of night there is no point in me running here at home. No matter how much reflective gear I put on I just don’t feel visible enough on our dark country roads. I also cannot run fast enough to escape the many, many bugs. So instead I headed to suburbia where the mosquitos are fewer and slower and where there are sidewalks under bright lights. My 10k tempo run finally started around 9:15. My route certainly wasn’t scenic; just up and down a major roadway. However, if I concentrated really hard I could almost feel the breeze from the cars whipping past at 80 km/h, so it wasn’t all bad. There certainly was no natural breeze to be found. In the end I finished the distance, a little slow for a tempo run but given the heat not too bad. And the fact is, 28 degrees with only the moon overhead feels much better than the same temperature in the sun.

My route took me past (several times) a fitness place and I could see all the people running on treadmills. I couldn’t help but question why they would be on a treadmill instead of pounding the pavement, but I guess a few of them were looking out wondering about the crazy lady running up and down the road. Mind you, about 8k into the run – and getting close to 10 p.m.- I glanced across the 6 lanes of March Rd. and noticed another woman running. Just when you think you may be taking this running thing too far, you find there is someone else just as crazy as you. You gotta love runners!