Daily Archives: July 8, 2013

Things to Do When You Can’t Run

Wow, there are just so many fun things you can get done when you are not running…
1. Clean out your upright freezer after someone didn’t close the door properly.
2. Clean up the water all over the floor from when you took a break from the thawing freezer and the break lasted longer than it should have.
3. Wash the camping dishes you brought home a week ago in a plastic bag and forgot about. Even more fun when your dishwasher is broken.
4. Go shopping with your kids (if you don’t have kids you are probably not registering the sarcasm in this one).
5. Vacuum the area where your two dogs sleep and realize you have collected enough hair to make a third pet…and you are still not done yet.
6. Figure out creative ways to bribe/cajole/force your children to stop arguing.

I need a run…