Daily Archives: May 28, 2013

Boston Fund Raiser Completed!

Before talking about Ottawa Race Weekend itself, I need to note that on Sunday I finished my goal to raise money for the Boston One Fund. The week after the April 15 bombing I added the Ottawa Half Marathon to an already busy schedule. I was already registered for an 18k race and a half marathon in the four weeks prior to Race Weekend. Plus, I had already done the NYC Half Marathon in March. Considering I had only just started 21.1k races in the fall, I felt I had planned enough for my race schedule.

But Boston changed my mind. As I explained in an earlier post, Boston reminded me that I am blessed to be able to run. It also reminded me that people face far bigger challenges in their lives than running a race. So I quickly found a race bib up for transfer and asked friends if they would be willing to support me in my series of races by donating to Boston One Fund. My personal race series ended up looking like this: an 18k race, followed two weeks later by a half marathon, followed two weeks later by a 5k race and half marathon race in one weekend. I am very proud to say that not only did I finish the challenge, but I collected $670 in cash and cheques and a number of contributions were made directly online. So a very big thank you to those who contributed to such a worthy cause.

The Ottawa Half Marathon also marked my third half in ten weeks and my fifth half in seven months! This time last year I thought running 21.1k was flat out crazy. I still think it is crazy but now I get why people do it. What a mixture of pride and exhaustion when you cross that finish line! Actually, the exhaustion part kicks in long before the finish line – at this last race I think it hit me at about the 5k mark. And it never ceases to amaze me how you somehow go from thinking “Why the heck am I doing this?” on one side of the finish line, to thinking “What race should I do next? once you have had your post race snack.

So, Ottawa Race weekend was many things for me, in many ways more than just a race. Lots more to tell, but it will wait until the next post.