Daily Archives: May 24, 2013

And the Excitement Kicks In…

My son and I just came back from the Ottawa Race Expo. Visiting the expo, seeing so many runners and of course picking up new tech shirts (I get two!) has finally made me excited for this race. What I have discovered is that doing so many races in a relatively short period of time can kind of dull the senses. When I think back to March I was feeling like a kid at Christmas time as I prepared for the NYC Half. Up until tonight I just felt like someone who has done a lot of running. But once you are at an expo, you can’t help but feel the buzz of adrenaline in the air. It also helped that I bought a pair of running shoes for half price while there.

Perhaps what really helped me get that “kid at Christmas” feeling was being at the expo with my son. He was so excited to be downtown picking up his bib and very first race tech shirt (he has a drawer full of cotton race tees). He is planning his pace, and to his credit, thinking it through intelligently. Unlike what many of we adults do, he has no plans to start out too fast. His goal is to go easy the first 2.5k and then see if he can pick up the pace during the last 2.5k. His longest practice run was 4k, so we’ll see how he finds the distance. My goal is to just finish the 5k without killing myself chasing after him since I want to make sure I am ready for the half marathon the next morning 🙂

And as for my half, well, no concrete plans for that. I want to enjoy the course and the crowds. I want to thank the volunteers that make a race this size possible (44 000 runners involved in all the races combined). I want to high five kids at the side of the course. I want to finish feeling good and I want to still feel good the next day. I want to remember the victims of Boston. After that, it will be what it will be.

Happy Race Weekend Ottawa!