Daily Archives: May 20, 2013

You Won’t Find This Training Schedule in a Book!

In six days I will be running another half marathon. According to any training schedule I’ve read, last week should have been a pretty busy week of running for me. Instead, I followed my own program for the second last week before a half. Time will tell if it is a schedule worth keeping. 😉

Saturday: run a half marathon at a 5:47 min/km pace
Sunday: nap
Monday: recovery day
Tuesday: run a 2k race with two ten yr old boys (sounds easy, but they run faster than me)
Wednesday: recover from the 2k
Thursday: seriously consider running. Put your running gear on, run 100 metres, decide that a half hour walk would be much more enjoyable
Friday: recover from the walk
Saturday: sit on a deck looking at a lake. Be sure to snack wisely, include the important food groups of potato chips and brownies
Sunday: sit in a cabin looking at a lake, continue with previous day’s nutrition program
Monday: spend three hours convincing yourself that you really should do something resembling a real run. Get out there and run 10k at race pace (yeah!) this will make you feel like you deserve a taper week!!

Final week…haven’t really figured out how to taper after a week like last week, but I am sure I can find a way.