Daily Archives: April 14, 2013

If You Write It…It Will Happen

Let’s just expand that title a little. If you write it…it will happen…no matter how brutal or miserable the run is. I wrote on Friday that I would get the 18k run done this weekend, even though the group practice 18k run was cancelled due to icy conditions. It took me until almost 4:00 Sunday afternoon to get around to it but I did finish the run. But I didn’t like it, not even a little. Actually, for the first 13k I was somewhat indifferent. I wasn’t enjoying it, but not every run is supposed to be fun, right? But at the 13k mark I was no longer indifferent, I wanted the run to end and I want it to end soon. It felt like it was going on forever. I started to think that my GPS wasn’t working because I was positive I had run farther than my watch was telling me. It was a route I hadn’t done before and I was only guessing it would bring me back home in 18k. Instead it got me to my driveway at the 16.3 point. I wanted to cry. I would like to say I am just saying that for extra drama, but really, I wanted to cry. I couldn’t even imagine having to run another 1.7k but all I could think of was, I wrote it in my blog, now I have to do it. So I pushed on and got the job done. When I finished I wanted to cry again from exhaustion. I didn’t even cry at the end of my three half marathons, but somehow, for some reason, this run pushed me to my limit.

So here is what I now know. I need to get back to work on my shorter training runs during the week. The fact is I have been lazy. Sure I have done some “longish” runs the last three weeks, but the other runs are just as important, if not more so. I also need to start eating better. I’m not an awful eater, but I could do better and I need to work on it. So here it is in writing again: I don’t want to lose the fitness level I worked so hard to achieve these last few months. If it means writing my plans and posting them so I feel like I can’t give up, so be it, but I need to get back to training regularly. I am going to do better these next few weeks, if for no other reason than I don’t want to feel like crying while doing an activity I am supposed to love!