Daily Archives: February 17, 2013

Lazy Weekends

In my last post I wrote about my crazy Thursdays and how much I enjoy them.  Now it is confession time.  On weekends, I am the complete opposite.  I hear some runners talk about how they hate rest days and how they get antsy to be out again.  I can picture myself feeling like that if I was on extended rest due to an injury.  But I love rest days.  Yesterday I took the day off from running and it was wonderful.  I loved sleeping in and staying in my p.j’s and to be frank I think I deserved it.  Lazy mornings don’t feel so lazy when you know you have been working hard.

That said, I feel a little guilty that today was a bit of a struggle to get out there and run.  That lazy feeling was still with me and I wasn’t quite ready to let go.  Of course for many runners Sundays are  long run days, but I choose to get that out of the way in the week.  I have to world’s best schedule to fit running into my week days.  I work one full day a week and the other four days I can usually finish up and head out for a run by around 2:00.  Even better, I am on a schedule as my kids need to be picked up at 3:30.  So running simply becomes part of my day’s schedule – work, change, run, pick up kids.  It’s a no-brainer.  But weekends are just that little bit more open.  There are choices of when to run, though they still have to be scheduled around kids’ activities. But that more open schedule allows for procrastination and all my life I have been rather good at putting things off for just a little longer until somehow there is no time left. Continue reading