Daily Archives: February 15, 2013

Crazy Thursdays

Something happens to me on Thursdays.  I wake up excited and ready to challenge myself.  Thursdays are my push-it-to-my limit days.  The fitness training I do on that day is not in any training book and may not even be recommended.  On the other days of the week I strive to be close to the number of runs and kilometers in my half marathon training schedule.  If I miss a run, or take a km or 2 off I don’t really worry about it.  But on Thursdays I go all out and do my long run, an hour and a half of yin yoga (see previous post) and an hour of boot camp.  This Thursday, with a 17k run, that translated to just over four hours of activity.  Everyone thinks I am nuts, and I probably am, but somehow it works for me.  I know I will be exhausted by the end of the evening, but I also know I will sleep well and I will feel like I accomplished something big.  Admittedly it helps knowing that I only have Friday left to get through before the weekend arrives. If I followed this schedule on a Monday I wouldn’t last the week at work.  I also admit if boot camp were a half hour longer I probably couldn’t make it to the end of the class. By the last 10 or 15 minutes of that hour I start to visualize myself passed out at home. Not surprisingly, Friday mornings can be a little rough getting out of bed.  This morning I was sure I had just accidently set my alarm as I was positive it was Saturday and I could sleep in.  But I got up, worked and fit in another 9k of running.  And the amazing thing about the Friday runs is I am never as stiff or sore as I should be the day after a long run.  So, Thursdays may be crazy, but something is working and I am not about to mess with it!