Daily Archives: February 10, 2013

Hill Running Part One

In my head this was going to be about running hills.  I do still want to write about that, hence the blog title that allows me to write a sequel.  Instead though, this will be more about what happened on my last 2 hill runs rather than the running itself.

Something changes in us during the shorter, colder days of winter.  We bundle up in layers, walk a little faster and stare at either the icy ground below or at our final destination, thinking either will get us there just that little bit faster.  As a result we don’t always notice others going by.  I see this all the time on my winter runs.  As someone approaches me I can tell they are avoiding looking up or acknowledging my presence.  I always try to say a quick “Hi”, but sometimes feel foolish, or even a bit intrusive. Continue reading

Thoughts on Winter Running

When you live in Ottawa you can either spend a few months hibernating or you can embrace the season of winter.  When I first moved to Ottawa from southern Ontario I decided to embrace the winter months.  I started skating on the canal and took up downhill skiing.  I admit though, I thought of running as a three season sport.  I knew that like with any other activity you could “layer up”, but how on earth would you keep your feet warm wearing mesh running shoes?  Even once I started running, I really did not have any intention of continuing past November.  I figured the running shoes could be packed away and dusted off once spring arrived.
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